Some facts you should know about the aquarium air blower

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An air pump can power air stones, which are porous stones connected to the air pump with tubing. These stones add more oxygen and circulation to the water and help exchange gases (oxygen goes in, the carbon dioxide goes out) at the water’s surface. Air pumps are also used to power some filters, like those that go under the gravel. An aquarium air blower bubbler also called an “air stone,” adds bubbles to the water that are good for the fish. 

About the bubbles and the amount of oxygen

When these air pockets rise to the top, they help oxidize the water and make the fish tank a better place for the fish, plants, and other living things to live. Aquarium bubblers usually run 24/7. In general, you should keep the air pump running to help your fish get enough oxygen and good water circulation. By making the water on the surface move more, air pumps push oxygen into your tank so that your fish can breathe in much of it. Most of the time, the animals in your aquarium don’t need the extra oxygen and can live fine without an air pump.

Can I turn off the light in my fish tank at night?

Fish in an aquarium air blower don’t need light, so it’s best to turn it off at night. Fish get stressed out when the light is on because they need darkness to sleep. Algae will proliferate in a tank with too much light, making it look dirty. So, no, you should not leave your lights on.